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The Grand Traverse Bay

Underwater Preserve

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President - Chris Doyal

Secretery - Stephan Karas

Treasurer - Julie Doyal

Director - Jeff Winkler

Director - Tom Morrow

Director - Corydon Golden

Grand Traverse Bay

Underwater Preserve

Council, Inc.

Sector scans provided by

Brian Abbott

Nautilus Marine Group


All photo/video provided by

Chris Doyal.


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What's Happening Now - June 2017

This summer, the GTBUP is partnering with the Grand Traverse Lighthouse Museum's Northport Shipwreck Expedition 2017 to locate and document shipwrecks located in the Northport area. So far, several areas of interest have been located, including the remains of a 45' sailing vessel shown below and two others. Two of the wrecks may be the Gloria and the Fanny Hazzleton. More information about the expedition can be found HERE.

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