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The Grand Traverse Bay

Underwater Preserve

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President - Chris Doyal

Secretery - Stephan Karas

Treasurer - Julie Doyal

Director - Jeff Winkler

Director - Tom Morrow

Director - Corydon Golden

Grand Traverse Bay

Underwater Preserve

Council, Inc.

Sector scans provided by

Brian Abbott

Nautilus Marine Group


All photo/video provided by

Chris Doyal.


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GPS Location: N45° 7.54' W85° 36.39'

Depth: 6'

Site Length: 38.8'     Width: 11.6'

Gross Tonnage: TBD     Cargo: TBD

Launched: 1919

Wrecked: TBD

Description:  TBD

The Eagle was built in 1919 by Edwin Middleton in Northport, MI. It was equipped with an engine type C (compound reuse steam twin engine).  This was Mr. Middleton's third fishing vessel. He used gills nets and fished for lake trout and whitefish.  After the lamprey came in 1938 and 1939, he decided to cease his fishing business in 1940. His original fish house still stands today on the original property. When the boat was no longer worth its use, he left it at the dock over the winter months, it keeled over and sank in about 6 feet of water. Very little remains of the vessel today. THERE IS NO SHORE ACCESS.

Steam Powered Wooden Tug

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