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The Grand Traverse Bay

Underwater Preserve

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President - Chris Doyal

Secretery - Stephan Karas

Treasurer - Julie Doyal

Director - Jeff Winkler

Director - Tom Morrow

Director - Corydon Golden

Grand Traverse Bay

Underwater Preserve

Council, Inc.

Sector scans provided by

Brian Abbott

Nautilus Marine Group


All photo/video provided by

Chris Doyal.


All work ©2019 and may not

be used in any way without

written permission.

A popular dive site simply known as "The Pipeline" is easily accessed by shore. The site consists of three sunken pipes that were once the intake and outflow for the decomissioned Bayside Power Plant and the Traverse City Waterworks. There are three pipes with the longest pipe being almost a quarter of a mile long! There is a parking lot on the north side of the Grandview Parkway near its intersection with Union Street.

GPS: 44 46.076N   85.37.496W          

DEPTH: 6' - 20'

The Pipeline