GPS Location: N44° 47.249’ W85° 38.103’

Depth: 20'

Wreck Length: 30'    

Beam: 8'

Gross Tonnage: N/A    

Cargo: None

Launched: 1928 in Manistee, MI

Wrecked: Nov. 8, 1957

Description: The tug, which had been used for towing, was purchased from the estate of Charles Hendrickson Jr., of Charlevoix, in 1942. The wooden vessel was built as a fish tug and originally powered by steam. It was constructed in Manistee for Hendrickson in 1926. In 1928 it was re-powered by a 100-120 hp Kahlenberg oil engine. It was burned due to deteriorating condition in 1957.

Divers will find this partially intact wood fish tug in 20 feet of water. This is a site for many open water training dives due to its proximity to shore and the ease of shore entry.

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