GPS Location: N44° 58.229’ W85° 27.955’

Depth: 6' - 120'

Wreck Length: 126'    

Beam: 28''

Gross Tonnage: 246    

Cargo: Lumber and iron

Launched: April 1857

Wrecked: November 24, 1886

Description: The Metropolis was built in 1857 by Peck & Masters of Cleveland. On November 24, 1886 the “Metropolis” was carrying a cargo of lumber and iron from Elk Rapids to Chicago. The schooner ran aground during a snow storm at three a.m. and the captain and crew were fortunate enough to make it to shore. She was eventually wrecked apart by the rough waves. The wreck lies in two sections ranging from 6' to 120' in depth.  

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